In this self-paced 40 Hour Certificate Course you'll:

Challenge your current way of seeing and understanding yourself!

  • Let go of old beliefs at the cellular level and take back control over your life by learning somatic practices fostering embodiment and healing.

  • Identify the role of your brain in the aspects of your being, and how to retrain your brain to improve your health.

  • Address anxiety, depression and body pain by learning to nurture a sense of safety for your primitive brain using the Pain Reprocessing Therapy technique of Somatic Tracking.

  • Learn amazing Nervous System Reset Practices to support better sleep, calmer mood, better digestion and improve your overall health.

  • Learn Pandiculation a powerful alternative to stretching and manual therapy to reset the resting length of your muscles to restore functional mobility, stability and strength..

  • Re-educate your muscles, improve posture, and regain strength and stability using the Somatic technique of Pandiculation.

  • Tap into a variety of science-backed Breathing & Sounding Practices to ease anxiety, reduce muscular tension, calm your mind and nervous system in a few short minutes.​

  • Use Yogic Mind Maps and Philosophy to learn how your unconscious and conscious beliefs are stored in your body and can cause pain and suffering.

  • Get a quick-reference Mind-Body Blueprint Master Plan to self assess & apply the tools and practices that you need to bring yourself back to center in real time.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome from Carrie & Nicole

    2. A Note from Carrie & Nicole

    3. How to navigate this platform: Thinkific How-To-Use Video

    4. Support Logistics: How to Access Docs, Community Forum, Weekly Office Hours

    5. Feedback Questions

    1. Module 1 I PDF and Practices List I MBB


    3. Welcome & Learning Outcomes

    4. Chapter 1: Expanding Awareness & Curiosity

    5. Chapter 2: What the Research and Experience Shows

    6. Chapter 3: Key to Transformation: Somatic Embodiment

    7. Chapter 4: Somatic Self Assessment

    8. Somatic Self Assessment I Start of Program PDF

    9. Body Diagram Exercise, Goals & Hero Statement PDF

    10. Chapter 5: Manifesting What you Want | Part 1

    11. Chapter 5: Identifying Unconscious Patterns Exercise PDF

    12. Chapter 5: Mind Movie Mini Practice | Part 2

    13. Chapter 5: Guided Manifesting Meditation

    14. Chapter 5: Creating Your Hero Statement | Part 3

    15. It's Feedback Time

    16. Module 1: Feedback Survey


    1. Module 2 I PDF and Practices List I MBB

    2. Chapter 1: Moving Towards Embodiment

    3. Chapter 2: Signs of Disembodiment

    4. Chapter 3: What Embodiment Looks & Feel Like

    5. Chapter 3: Embodiment Assessment Exercise PDF

    6. Chapter 4: Interoception: The Foundational Tool

    7. Chapter 4: How to Create a Sacred Space & Ask for Support PDF

    8. Module 2: Body Awareness Meditation Practice

    9. Module 2: Understanding Yoga Nidra | Benefits and Stages

    10. Module 2: Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation 23:51

    11. 36 Minute Yoga Nidra with Singing Bowls

    12. Module 2: Feedback Survey

    1. Important Message: Recalibration

    1. Module 3 I PDF and Practices List I MBB

    2. Intro to Module 3: The Brain - The Doorway to Healing

    3. Chapter 1: Neuroplasticity & Pain Reprocessing Therapy Pt. 1

    4. Neural Pathways Video : Pain Reprocessing Therapy

    5. Chapter 1 Neuroplasticity & Pain Reprocessing Therapy Pt. 2

    6. Chapter 2: Nurturing Safety in the Primitive Brain

    7. Chapter 3 Somatic Neuromuscular Re-Education Fundamentals

    8. Chapter 4: Putting it into Practice

    9. Somatic Tracking Practice AUDIO ONLY

    10. Somatic Tracking Practice & Best Practices (Video)

    11. Somatic Tracking Practice (NO BEST PRACTICES) (Video)

    12. Module 3: Feedback Survey

    1. Module 4 I PDF and Practices List I MBB

    2. Welcome & Chapter 1 Sensing and Feeling

    3. Chapter 2: Sensory Motor Amnesia

    4. Chapter 3: Reciprocal Inhibition

    5. Chapter 4: Pandiculation

    6. Chapter 5: Putting it into Practice

    7. Chapter 6: Preparing for Your First Somatic Practice

    8. Chapter 7: Important Self Care Guidelines After Your Session

    9. Practice: How to Pandiculate

    10. Practice: Arch & Flatten Instructional Video

    11. Practice: Arch & Flatten and Hip Hiking

    12. Practice: Flowering Arch & Curl Instructional Video

    13. Practice: Flowering Arch & Curl

    14. Practice: 10 Minute Diaphragmatic Breathing

    15. Module 4: Feedback Survey

About this course

  • 28.5 hours of video content
  • Minimum 10.5 Hours PDF Practices & Exercises
  • Self-Paced Learning With Weekly Group Coaching Support
  • Continuing Education For Approved Professions

Who is this course for?

If you are an individual and professional wanting to explore somayoga, somatics and mind-body medicine to create transformative changes in your life or the lives of those you serve - then this IS THE RIGHT COURSE FOR YOU!

Your Guides

Compassionate. Dedicated. Results Driven.

Transform your Mind-Body Pain with powerful techniques that offer lasting results!

We are Pain Resolution Therapists with over 17 years clinical practice helping clients find more ease, peace and joy in their lives!

Certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), we are dedicated to educating, supporting and empowering you to tap into your body’s innate intelligence to heal. We invite you to reconnect with your health and vitality using somatic-based practices that speak the language of the nervous system, mind, body and spirit.

It is our hope that our programs and professional trainings will empower you to reclaim your wholeness and to recognize that you, yourself, are the master and guru of your own healing.

We are passionate about supporting you to fully inhabit your whole being so that you can build a keen sense of awareness, and sense of yourself, and your ability to heal.

What we teach will provide you with the foundation to be self-sensing, and self-regulating, so that you can live a life with purpose, shine their light brightly, AND live in the flow with balance and ease.

We are honoured to work with you!

Senior Instructors
Carrie Meyer & Nicole Ablack-Ramkay

There's more...

  • Somatic Self-Discovery

    Discover the intelligence of your body to heal with somatic based practices that speak the language of your nervous system.

    Develop the skill of Interoception to slow down and listen to what your body, mind and soul are asking for to heal. Learn how to apply the just right stimulus to bring yourself back towards balance and ease!

  • Like-minded Community

    Share, learn and grow with like-minded community. This program is self-paced so that you can progress as you are ready - because let's face it, personal development and spiritual growth does not happen on a timeline!

    Receive bi-weekly live coaching and mentoring support from Carrie & Nicole to ensure you reach your goals and achieve success!

  • Life-time Access. At Your Pace

    Learn at a pace that meets your personal or professional needs.

    If you suffer from mind-body pain, nervous system overdrive or work with people in this place, then this course is for you! Add powerful somatic healing practices and tools to your self-care toolkit!.

    You get lifetime access to all versions this course so that you can cycle back and repeat all or part of it when you need it!

Course Testimonials

...From Beautiful Souls

““Years ago I read something that said: we have to take care of our bodies because if we don’t where is our soul going to live while we are here.

Our bodies are the biggest mortgage property we have. We invest in a house, we invest in a new car, we invest in clothes…new glasses, but then when it comes to our bodies people go “I don’t have enough money”!

So to me personally I think you have to invest in your body, mind and soul because this is where we have to live while we are here. And if we don’t take care of this, where are we going to be living? This is our biggest investment…I think this program is definitely worth the investment!

(Since starting this course)…my breathing has improved, (I have) gained control over my muscles and PANDICULATION really works! I did a lot of stretches before and that did not work…but pandiculation is AMAZING! The biggest benefit (I have received from this program) is that I have learned how to control my muscles and that I truly do have control. "I am the master and guru of myself." ”

“"I am a yoga teacher and breath coach. I have taken Somatic courses in the past. I jumped at the opportunity to learn more when I heard Nicole and Carrie were offering this course.  

I used to live life on auto-pilot never really appreciating the world around me. I accepted my aches and pains as a sign of getting older. Although I practise yoga, I had lingering muscle issues.

This course has helped me realize the mind-body-spirit connection and how I need to check in with myself on a regular basis and take care of me.

Nicole and Carrie had done a really good job sharing the theory with practical examples and exercises you can use in your daily life...and (they)have shared many different techniques to use.

With the lifetime access, I can go back again and again to muscles, exercises, breathing exercises and meditations to help me no matter what my day brings.  

I highly recommend this course. It will change your view and approach on life! ”

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