The Lifestyle You Develop Will Change You Forever

Don’t hesitate. This program is for everyone. The lifestyle you will develop here will change you forever. Everything contained in this program is balanced, well researched, understandable, deep and thoughtful and above all else very well supported from beginning to end.

I really believe that I am calmer; more peaceful and grounded; energized and happy. I can see joy in things I never thought possible. I don’t worry about things like I used to. I carry on from here happily knowing that I will always have access to this program.

Thank you to both of you, Carrie and Nicole for putting this amazing course together. It is life changing.

L.W. Retired Nurse

Continues to Change my Life

"The program (Mind Body Blueprint: A Roadmap to Somatic Embodiment) has changed and continues to change my life. I have experienced years and years of discomfort and finally have found some techniques that have made a difference in my life. I know I am a work in progress for sure but will continue to practice these fantastic exercises. I recently completed 6 months of physio without any changes. I stopped physio and started this program and can now step off a curb without discomfort and walk up stairs without pain. This program is definitely worth the investment!!

Thank you both for your support on so many levels."

B.C.  Retired Teacher, Ontario Canada

From Body to Mind

"My biggest transformation through the Mind Body Blueprint Course has been to expand my focus for well-being from my body to my mind. I can’t think of a better investment than my own body and mind! This is the only body/mind you have, so treat yourself with care and learn to understand yourself which will allow you to reach your full potential."

R.M. Biologist, Yukon Canada

I recommend the MBB Course to anyone

"This program (Mind Body Blueprint: A Roadmap to Somatic Embodiment) has gifted me an awareness of self and a number of tools that I now use to re-set my vagus nerve, and reassure and reconnect my mind with my body. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn more about the wisdom of their body."

R.K. Professor, Yukon Canada

This Course will Change Your View and Approach on Life

"I have taken Somatic courses in the past, but jumped at the opportunity to learn more when I heard Nicole and Carrie were offering this course.  

I used to live life on auto-pilot never really appreciating the world around me. I accepted my aches and pains as a sign of getting older. Although I practise yoga, I had lingering muscle issues.

This course has helped me realize the mind-body-spirit connection and how I need to check in with myself on a regular basis and take care of me.

Nicole and Carrie had done a really good job sharing the theory with practical examples and exercises you can use in your daily life.

With the lifetime access, I can go back again and again to muscles, exercises, breathing exercises and meditations to help me no matter what my day brings. 

I highly recommend this course. It will change your view and approach on life!"

T.L. Yoga Teacher & Breathwork Coach