Mind-Body Blueprint: A Roadmap to Somatic Embodiment

Release energetic blocks & pain, find more ease, peace and joy in your life!

Learn somatic based practices that speak the language of your nervous system.

Discover why Somatic Embodiment is the key to living your best life!

12-Module | Self Paced Online Program

w/weekly Live Mentoring and Community support!

Learn how you can heal yourself, build stress resiliency, 
change old patterns of being, thinking and doing 
that keep you from feeling your best.   

When we are disconnected from ourselves, it zaps our energy and motivation, our minds can get foggy and our bodies tight, sore and painful.


These imbalances start in a variety of ways.


They can show up in your nervous system and mind first and then move into your muscles and tissues. The root cause can be an accident, injury, trauma, or peak life event which disregulates your system leading to anxiety, depression and pain.


In other situations the cause of the disconnect is deep seated beliefs that propel you into patterns of in-action and poor choices that leave your nervous system on high alert, feeling a lack of safety and dis-ease.

In this transformative 12 Module Program you'll:

  • Let go of old beliefs at the cellular level and take back control over your life by learning somatic practices fostering embodiment and healing.

  • Re-educate your muscles, improve posture, and regain strength and stability using key tools of somatic neuromuscular re-education i.e. pandiculation.

  • Address anxiety, depression and body pain by learning to nurture a sense of safety for your primitive brain using Pain Reprocessing Therapy.

  • Learn key nervous system resets to support better sleep, calmer mood, better digestion and improve your overall health.

  • Use yogic mind maps and philosophy to learn how your unconscious and conscious beliefs are stored in your body and can cause pain and suffering.

  • Learn an alternative to stretching and manual therapy to reset the resting length of your muscles so you can feel more ease in your body.​

  • Apply the Mind-Body Blueprint Master Plan to self assess and implement somatic practices that meet your needs in real time.

Your Instructors

Nicole Ablack Ramkay & Carrie Meyer

They are Pain Resolution Therapists with over 17 years clinical practice helping clients find more ease, peace and joy in their lives!

As “pain geeks” they are inquisitive about all things related to mind, body and spiritual pain, which as you will discover in working with them, is inseparable. This means that healing must address all aspects of ones being.

They are dedicated to educating, supporting and empowering clients to tap into the body’s innate intelligence to heal, by taking back control over the process using somatic-based practices that speak the language of the nervous system.

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